The Peace Watchers is a new community safety app designed to assist those with police anxiety and trauma to request peaceful watchers to come help them feel safe.



Thanks for joining! More info on The Peace Watchers App launch coming for you soon.

Work Desk

The idea to protect my loved ones quickly grew much larger during the App development stage working with Apps Without Code. In Peace Watchers team meetings/brainstorm sessions we switched focus to the anxiety of the officer and its magnitude. If we can bring peace and calm to ALL anxiety with our Peaceful Watchers then EVERYONE GOES HOME SAFE!!!


The Peace Watchers idea as a Community Safety App was developed out of the brokenness from watching the videos of George Floyd's murder. That pain will never be forgotten.  I wanted to protect my loved ones from the Increasing Police Anxiety that was clouding our lives. One question was all it took; If I get pulled over would you pull up and keep watch to make sure I get home safe?


Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. When I stepped out to join protests in Southern California I was emotionally blown away by the amount of different skin colors, coming together, crying out for Justice and Peace. All over the world it's obvious that good people of all Races are now uniting as 1 community!  The Peace Watchers movement is based on that feeling of community, passion for all people, who want Justice and Peace all over the world!